TRACS Filing Services

Each month, we process the data we receive from you; the property managers and electronically submit it to the iMAX.

(This is the information HUD uses to determine the amount of the rent supplements due to HUD housing project owners.)

In addition to the electronic submission to HUD, we send project owners a printed copy of the HUD Form 52670 report. This provides the details of payments made by HUD for each unit. Once HUD has approved the payments, they send the money directly to the project owners as per their instructions. Project owners are responsible for submitting accurate and timely information to us, but they do not need to invest in expensive computer equipment and complicated filing software. All TRACS Data, provides HUD project owners a very simple and easy way to file TRACS report.

Important information needed when filling out your 50059 forms: Read more...

Review your HAP Reports

The HAP Voucher Request Form is the signed 52670 form that you will receive from All TRACS Data Inc. each month. This is the form that All TRACS Data will use to generate all the certifications we receive from you on the tenants. When you receive this form it is important that you review and make sure all the data is correct.  Read more...

EIV Services

In 2009 HUD made the EIV system Mandatory in its entirety to verify tenant’s employment and income information during mandatory reexaminations of family composition and income.  

All TRACS Data pulls your monthly EIV reports along with move in compliance reports, 90 day follow up reports, income and discrepancy reports for your tenant’s annuals and interim certifications.

We make sure that we complete all required reports and are pulled no later than the 10th of each month. We also assist you with any discrepancy you may come across.

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